Preserve the wonderful memories of your loving pet with an original scratchboard drawing by Gregory Erickson. Drawings/etchings are done from your photograph(s). I work from clear, close-up high resolution digital images (.jpg) or photographs. Small images or blurry photographs are difficult to work with and will take away from the finished portrait. The better the photographs the better the results will be.

Prices quoted for a portrait will be for a single animal and do not include matting or framing. Contact me today for more information or to schedule a portrait of your pet.


Photo tips for portraits:

Take the photo from the animals’ eye level. Outside photos without flash work best. Flash can cause red-eye and distort true colors. Try not to take photos in direct sunlight. A bright, overcast light or early morning/evening light will be best. Move in close to the subject, fill the whole frame. Take the photo from a three-quarter view, makes for a more natural and more interesting portrait. Have a helper get the animals’ attention with a treat or a favorite toy. This will also help to get the animals’ ears to perk up.

Include the photo that is the best representation of your pet, that is the one I will work off of. Also include other photos that may show a more accurate coloring of your pet.   All images, graphics, and content.