Scratchboard Wolf


I have been working on an 8×10 scratchboard of a wolf. I am working from a wonderful reference photo taken by Gary Wilson.

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Scratchboard Elk

I have started working on my next scratchboard drawing. This one will be a16x20 of a bull elk. So far I have been using a tungsten carbide scribe and scalpel blades.





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Anemone Flowers Finished

Anemone FlowersI have finished my scratchboard of the Anemone Flowers. I have never done flowers in scratchboard, so this was done as a challenge to step away from what I am comfortable with and work on different techniques. I used scalpel blades, carbide-tungsten scribe, fiberglass brush, and electric eraser on the image. I used Ampersand Inks for the coloring. I had a lot of fun creating this piece and also learned a lot.

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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

I am stepping out of my comfort zone and away from wildlife for my next scratchboard piece. I have started working on a small 3″ x 4.75″ board of flowers called anemone. I have been using a scratchboard nib, carbide scribe and a scalpel so far. I am just about ready to add some color to this piece. I have to add a little more scratching and get some leaves suggested in the background, then I can start adding in the first layer of color.

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Art Desk Nearly Finished

I am getting close to finishing my new art desk. I need to build the drawers yet, but the rest of it is ready for the final sanding and finishing. I decided not to put a light table in it. I am really happy with how it looks.



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Great Horned Owl

Here is my latest scratchboard. It is a 5″x7″ of a great horned owl. I have a couple of hours into it so far. I have been using a scalpel blade and carbide scribe to this point.

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Pride of Dakota Show

I attended the Pride of Dakota show this past weekend in Bismarck, ND and it was very fun to see everyone that stopped by and said hi. The attendence was amazing and set a new record for the weekend. I had a very good location for my booth even though the lighting was horrible. I had a lot of wonderful feedback about my art and sold two originals which made me very happy. I had alot of interest from people wanting either scratchboard pet portraits or pencil portraits, so hopefully I will be very busy in the near future. I will post of a photo of my latest work in progress very soon and also an update on my art desk that I am building.


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New art desk

I’m building a new art desk for myself. I’m constructing it out of Hickory wood. It will have a tilting drawing table with a built-in light table when it is all done.

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Scratchboard of Bubbles

This is my latest scratchboard. It is an 8 x 10 image. So far I have only used carbide tungsten scribe.

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Portrait of Erin

11×14 Pencil Portrait

I just finished this pencil portrait of Erin. It is a triple portrait that I did for her grandparents as she graduated from high school this year. This is the fourth portrait of their grandchildren that I have done so far. It is an 11×14 on Crescent cold-press illustration board.

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